Psychoanalysis can have for its goal only the advent of a true speech

One does not end up consulting a psychoanalyst purely by chance. Rather we decide to go “see someone” because our situation, thoughts or suffering have become unbearable.

What is going on with me? What is wrong with me? Where is it coming from? Why is it so painful? Why do I feel so low? What do I truly want? And who am I, really? You may have already tried to seek advice or help from those around you – family, friends or colleagues - but thus far nothing and no one have really made a difference and the same questions are still lingering, unanswered.

Anxiety, depression, stress, feelings of failure, fears, phobias, an inability to understand what is actually happening to your life… Whatever the reason, whatever the pain, eventually you reach a point where you cannot cope with it any longer, where you are no longer able to dismiss your feelings, even if you would like to do so.

One day, you decide that something needs to change.
You make an appointment with a psychoanalyst, who is here to listen to you and help you find your own unique way. Thus you embark on what Freud called, after one of his patients, the talking-cure. In this setting, you are welcome to talk freely and openly. There is no judgment. You can express anything you wish, everything that weighs heavy on you and prevents you from living a more fulfilling life.

I invite you to come and speak freely, in a safe and confidential environment. I offer psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic sessions in French or English.

I see patients by appointment only either in Archway (N19) or in Bloomsbury (WC1B).
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