The questions you may be asking yourself

What to expect?

A change! The aim of the psychoanalytic treatment is not only to reduce one’s suffering and symptoms, but simply to live a better and more fulfilling life.
A true speech as Lacan said, which the patient experiences session after session, produces knowledge about oneself, which is synonymous with freedom. By changing one’s perception of the world, we give ourselves the possibility to find a new path in life, far from the clichés and well-trodden ways, a path linked to our own desire.

What kind of treatment?

The length of the therapy varies from one person to another. While some are long-term, other treatments may be shorter and still have a therapeutic effect. In any case, you are free to end the therapy whenever you decide.

The length of the sessions and the cost

One of Lacan’s contributions to the psychoanalytical setting is the idea of the variable session: the length of the session is not fixed, but instead depends on what is said (the logical timing of one’s speech is not the clock’s timing). Nevertheless, sessions last approximately 30-40 minutes. The cost of the session and the frequency (one or more sessions per week) are discussed during the first session.

Being a psychoanalyst in a few words

Unlike other mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists or psychologists, there is no specific diploma certifying a “psychoanalyst”. The decision to become one is the culmination of many years of analysis; it is a life’s journey. The training also involves the study of texts and an on-going engagement with theory - an endless process!